20180914 - No Watch

20180914 - I did NOT want to get up today, neither did the sun... Up and drove J to school through thick fog and it was foggy all the way to work. In and at the desk trying to prep for the upcoming visit next week. Took a break mid day to take a couple of the guys over to the new building and check out the progress. After work I headed home and hung out for a bit. G got picked up by a buddy to go to the high school football game and LJ&I headed out to. We dropped J off at his XC dinner and L&I went on to eat at Nazareth. After dinner we swung by and picked up J, headed to the movie store and then on to the Varney's to see about an Apple Watch, but couldn't get it to work. We hung out there for a while and laughed our heads off! Home and G and his buddy Luke here for the night, up late playing on the Xbox and I watched 'Winchester' a scary movie based on the Winchester Mansion.