20180901 - Running Family & Friends

20180901 - Up WAY TO EARLY to drive J to XC bus. Home and slept for another hr and then got D&G up and we went to watch J run. J did great, he ran 3.1 miles in 20:04! DG&I swung through a Waffle House for a feast on the way home. Home and D&G played some wiffle ball for a bit, then G to the basement screaming at his game, D&I did some things on the back porch (pay his school bill, ck his Gahanna retirement account...) and then he gave his car a once over while I did some work while watching the OSU game. Later D ran to get J and get some things for his car maintenance. I stayed on the porch as it started pouring and D ran to get DGF7, J got cleaned up and plugged into the Xbox and G ran to Goodwill with Gma&paW. Gma&paW back and got J and they all headed to the Laser Tag place, D&DGF7 met them there. I hung back and got some more work done. D&DGF7 picked me up about 6:30 to go to Massy's Pizza for a family get together after the Laser Tag. It was a nice event to mingle with folks. Home and watched some TV with J&G.