20180903 - Nervous Ride

20180903 - Up and ready to get J from his run and he called letting me know another parent was going to take them home. Good thing as I was just getting ready to leave on the 25min drive to pick them up and they were already done... I got into the kitchen and cooked up some eggs and bacon for G and his buddy Trent. Trent left and G helped me clean up the kitchen, basement and his room. D did some laundry and ran to pick J up. I posted and shipped ebay things. G headed out to do some bowling with his buddy Owen. In to the desk to get things caught up, D ran and got DGF7. Lilly and I waited on the front porch for L. L got home safe and sound and had a good trip. L&I caught up with D&DGF7 and I finished things up in the office for the night. L&I ran to get some KFC for dinner and ate with J&G, D bailed... Hung out at home chatting and watching some TV. D ran in and ran out headed back to school. L&I not happy he is taking a car and watched his progress to make sure he made it safe. L&I to bed in good time.