20180910 - Guys Hanging Out

20180910 - Up in  the am and dropped J at school. I headed on in to work and went around starting things as planed from over the weekend, going to be a busy day... It was a busy day and I got a ton done. Headed out a couple min behind but traffic not as bad as expected so home in good time. Hung out at home shipping some ebay stuff, ran to pick J up and then L had us sit down for dinner. JG&L told of their days and it was nice. After dinner L gave J&G haircuts and looked up their grades, so far, so good... The boys got cleaned up and played the Xbox for a bit and then we all watched the season finale of American Ninja Warrior. No Bible Bangers tonight so I got to hang out. Boys to bed and I was up late doing work emails and looking at auction items.