20180902 - Pool Side Swappers

20180902 - Up in the am to G's screams at the Xbox... Happened again and the Xbox went off for the day... G received a correction for his screaming and slamming things around in his room... D headed out with DGF7. JG&I headed to Johnstown for the 'Swappers Day' and met up with Gma&paW and J's buddy Conor. We walked around and looked at all the stuff. Everyone getting something, I got a snow-cone as everything is priced retail...  Boys all got cool stuff they were happy with. Home and we swung by to pickup G's buddy Trent. All the boys headed to Subway to get us dinner. I then ran Conor home and J to his buddy's so he had a ride to a super early run in the morning, I am going to be their return trip. Home and played Trouble with G and Trent, beat them bad until they finally won and got the Xbox turned back on. D went to dinner with a couple of his high school buddies and spent the evening in his room.