20180905 - Delirium

20180905 - Up in the am and J&I are dragging today. Got J to school with no time to spare and he forgot his water in the car. On to work, Jason is in town today and I am at the desk knocking things out. Had a busy day with an epiphany at the end and stayed to get it out of my head and make it happen. Traffic was a nightmare so I swung by the new office on the way home to check progress. Home and L made me some dinner and then we went to pick J up at a friends house. Home and the boys on their Xboxes and Lori and I watched 'Delirium' that was pretty scary and I knew once L started watching it she wouldn't be able to stop hahahahah! All to bed in good time. I stayed up looking through auctions watching TV and playing on the phone.