20180909 - Circular Sermon

20180909 - Up in the am and JG&I to church. After the circular sermon with no connecting message I woke up and we headed home. J plugged into his Xbox and L&I dropped G off at baseball practice and then continued on to the gym to try out our new membership. We were there for an hour, L on the treadmill and I did a couple different things that apparently didn't kill me. We swung by and picked up G and headed home. We hung out around the house until late afternoon when D should up with DGF7 and we headed to Steak 'n Shake for dinner. After dinner we dropped G off at open gym for basketball. Home and watch some of the Jack Ryan series. I ran to pick G up and his nighttime illnesses set in. Got the boys to bed and L&I finished watching the Jack Ryan series, really good.