20180921 - Fugitive

20180921 - Up in the am tired and dropped J off at school on the way to work. Chained to the desk for the day with only a couple meetings to get things organized. Had a good day of getting things done. It was interrupted by a call from my buddy Ransom that had Kip call him and tell him the Farm was blocked off by the FBI, Secret Service and US Marshals looking for a fugitive! I called Gma&paW and they were out of town. Headed home and Ransom let me know they caught the guy! It was all over the news. AMAZING. Home and got L&G and we headed to Wendy's for dinner and then to the high school football game. When we arrived J showed up with his friends. There was bad weather so the game started very late. We were getting beat so left after halftime, but they came back to win it. Up late watching Unsane, a scary movie.