20171126 - Decoration Day

20171126 - Up in the am and LDJ&I headed to church. I couldn't follow the sermon... Home and work day around the house. LD&J headed outside. I got things organized in the office and ran to Dave's warehouse to pick up some stuff for orders. Hoe and got things shipped then headed to the bedroom to take apart the dresser and fix it. Headed out to the garage and D & DGF7 putting up lights for L, J bailed out to go scootering after racking all the leaves and using the compressor to blow off the driveway. I rebuilt the tent with the reinforcing plates. Light up and pine roping and D pulled down some of the ivy growing crazy, it made him breakout. D & DGF7 helped me put the tent back together and then I fabricated new rail for L's dresser. L put the tree and Gma&paW showed up with G and loads of stuff. L made us some dinner and had to run and get J from church with an out of control bloody nose and a story of digging paper towels out of the toilet with his bare hands... After dinner L did some laundry and G&I hit the couch to watch Ant Man for a bit before the guys showed up to watch The Walking Dead.