20171112 - Robed Scootin

20171112 - LJG&I to Church, D to work. We attempted to go to Waffle House for lunch, too crowded, ended up at Big Boy. Home and J&I got changed and added some antifreeze to the white car and headed out to help with a Scout Eagle project. Project was digging hole, setting post and stringing rope and wire to make a BB Gun range. L&G headed to G's scrimmage in New Albany. Project was well organized and went smooth, D stopped by after work. J&I headed to Home Depot to get parts to fix the washing machine drain (white car not overheating :-) Home and J fixed the washing machine on his own then rode his scooter for a bit. I fluffed up the fire extinguishers and mounted them. L&G home, G did good, D working on ACT prep stuff all afternoon. L cooked us some dinner and we headed to the basement to watch "" it was a good action flick. After the move L nodded off, D went back up to study, JG&I watched a couple of episodes of 'Galavant'. No friends came over for to watch The Walking Dead, but DJ&I watched it, it was good. D up late working on ACT prep, I tried to help, math is WAY beyond me... Up late working on a college grid.