20171116 - Lots o Cake$

20171116 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a super busy mornings getting ready for and having calls, that ended up lasting all day. Headed to meet D&G at D-Bats. D was working for them helping with the kids, he was giving private lessons to them and looked like he loved it. Hope this turns into a job for him. G was there for his hitting league and did pretty good. G&I headed out after he was done, D stayed to work. G&I ran home, got his cake and J and we headed to the cake auction. It was a good auction and G's cake went for $240! the highest of the night. It was a good time. After the auction we headed home past Arby's for dinner. Home and D scared G, which caused him to drop our dinner on the driveway and get our food covered with pine needles... In and ate, talked to L about the baseball meeting she went to at the high school. All wound down for the night.