20171118 + Scout Thanksgiving

20171118 + Up way too early in the am and was surprisingly warm. G&I out of the tent for bfast that D orchestrated the cooking of the bisquits. It was a good bfast and I packed up and headed home in an onion scented car... Home and got a warm shower, coffee and rested. L was busy getting things done around the house and I headed out to pick up a couple things for the Scouts. Made it back to the campsite and had some chili watching G split more wood. I drug G away from the axe and got him home. He got cleaned up and we both fell asleep for an afternoon nap. This tells me I am not able to easily adapt to sleeping outside in a tent as I used to be... Before we knew it we packed up and headed to the campsite for the Troop 98 25th annual Court of Honor Thanksgiving Feast. We had an awesome meal, best we've had in the many years. The meeting was good and the boys all got recognized for their accomplishments for the last year. D&I had to run out during the meeting to take our tent down, the high winds snapped on of the inner supports :-o After the dinner LG&I left D&J there for the night as we headed home to warm up and watch some football.