20170105 + Dylan Eagle Court of Honor

Up in the am and got all my paperwork done for the week. We got everything loaded and everyone ready for D's Eagle Court of Honor. Gma&paB stopped by the house before and gave him his gift, awesome Henry Golden Eagle rifle. We then headed to the church and got things set up. L had everything planned out and it looked fantastic. The ceremony started and went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful ceremony that flowed nicely and wehn D got his chance to address the crowd of people that showed up that had been a part of his life at present and in past events it really hit him. He got very emotional and I think it finally hit him how important this life milestone was... After the ceremony L had nice refreshments and snacks for folks and everything went smooth.

Home for a bit to unload the video and change and hen out for a nice dinner with Gma&paW. Home and we looked at D's new gun and the scrapbook GmaW put together for him with all the letters from famous folks and big companies from all over the country.  What a super nice day!