20171101 - G Annoyed with L

20171101 - Up in the am and working from home today. Ran to get my drivers license renewed, hair cut, ink and bank between calls. Got a lot done today, it is easier to focus and knock things out in the home office even with L home, G home, J home, D home: a constant stream of activity happening outside the office. Finished up and D headed over to DGF7's while LJG&I hit a pizza place and did some shopping in the rain. Home and L&G watched the World Series while J&I headed to the basement to watch 'The Purge'. D came home, J&I finished up our movie and joined the fam watching the Series. They fell asleep one by one and I was the last person awake by the end of it. Stayed up ordered some things for the car, tried to get organized for tomorrow.