20171110 - Veteran's Day

20171110 - Up and ready for the day. Working partial day from home so got morning things done. Gma&paB showed up and we headed to Jack's school for the Veteran's Day program, J did good introducing GpaB and the doing the Flag Folding ceremony. Home and GpaB & I were heads down working on our PC's until L got home and then we all went to lunch. After lunch I dropped L & Gma&paB off at G's school then took the car home where I met D who was home for the day because he gave blood. D&I walked back to the school and watched G's Veteran's Day assembly, quite emotion seeing all these little kids and hearing them sing in addition to this being G's last one :-( D ran off to see his old teachers. Home and Gma&paB left, I took a nap before the boys got home. Everyone home and D & DGF7 making more deep fried desserts and then headed out to be with friends all night. J headed out to a friends bday party, LG&I went to see Daddy's home. We were going to get something to eat but all ate too much popcorn so skipped dinner. Home and we pulled up the first Daddy's home and watched that. I ran and picked up J from his bday party, he had a good time. Up till 4am for an emotional night sending 11/11 letters, 47 this year.