20171119 - 4 Games

20171119 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to G's basketball preview in Worthington. It was a crazy madhouse double gym full of kids bouncing basketballs everywhere. I did my best to keep score for the 4 scrimmages, must faster than baseball... Home in the early afternoon. D&J just beat us home. D&I worked on the tent leg that snapped and J was out scootering around Creekside getting free stuff from the vendors down there for the Holiday of Lights festival. When J got home he and I went to pick up the wreaths he had sold for Scouts, D&G headed to D-Bats. Home and we sorted them, delivering to the neighbors and dividing into the various cars for later delivery. L heated up the pork we got from the Scout Thanksgiving and we had a yummy dinner. After dinner LJ&G hung out on the couch watching TV, D worked on college stuff and I got some things done in the office. Before long my buddies came over to watch The Walking Dead with DJ&I. Up late getting things done and ready for the crazy short week ahead.