20171124 + Black Friday

20171124 + Up in the am and L&I left DJ&G with Gma&paW to go shopping. DJ&G had all kinds of chores to do and then hit a movie and some stores. L&I went to many of the usual stores and got a little bit of our Christmas shopping started. We had a nice lunch and did a bit more shopping before heading back to the Farm. We got everything packed up, the boys and Gma&paW got home and showed us all the things they got, many of them on the Christmas lists we just went shopping for... LDJ&I headed home and G stayed for a couple more days.  We got home and swung through Moe's to get some food. Home, unpacked and ate. D ran to see DGF7 and J played the xBox. D got home and played the xBox with J a bit before we all headed to bed.