20171122 - Bird Placing

20171122 - Up in the am and at the desk knocking things out so we could get on the road. L got everyone packed up and the boys helped me get the rack on the back of the car. We got on the road about noon and I took a call that lasted almost the entire drive. We got to the Farm, unpacked and I hit the PC again working until Roger showed up with 20 pheasants. We got dressed up and headed out to seed the fields. Roger, GmaW, DJG&I walked down through the fields and put the pheasants out in various places. It wasn't miserable cold and was easier than previous years the boys are getting good at it. After we got the all set out we headed in. I did a bit more on the PC and then we headed to Jake's in Ashland for a nice dinner. Back to the Farm and we wound down the night and got to bed in good time.