20171030 - New Washer

20171030 - Up and a COLD slow start in to work. Had a pretty stressful day and headed home a bit late. Home and D got the white car ready and we headed to Lowe's. Stopped to get gas just as the car overheated... Got to Lowe's with the heater blasting to keep the engine cool and found our contact and got the new washing machine. Loaded it up and got home with no issues. Home and D&I scarfed down our omelettes L had made us and the whole fam went to Scouts to review the upcoming Eagle Court of Honor script Lori had written and for D to ask boys to participate.  Home and D&J helped me install the new washing machine and get the old one outside. The only issue is the new washer pumps water out so fast it overflows our standpipe... I'll fix that next week after the Court of Honor... Once the washer was in J&I took out the trash and the old washing machine had already vanished from the curb :-o Bible Bangers was cancelled this evening so I got to work on the program for D's event. I then had to get the wreath orders in by midnight and then stayed up doing work and watching Netflix until 3 (YAWN).