20171023 - Dug In

20171023 - Up in the am, tired even though I got to bed in good time (YAWN). In to work and getting the week rolling. had a full day of meetings, calls and heads down driving. Headed home late. Food on the table for me, L cleaning up, D at work until 8, J getting ready for Scouts and G pestering me to get his ipod working while I tried to choke down some food. I ran J to Scouts and stayed a while to update the Troop records. Home and LG&I just hung out, L&I worked on D's upcoming ceremony. D off work and swung by Scouts to say hi and pick J up. All home, no Doc for Bible Bangers tonight, on the way there got a call that McD's was short staffed and they closed the inside so no meeting tonight. Back home and worked on stuff with L, then got an email from G's new basketball coach that he needed help getting TeamSnap set up so dug in and had the team all set up and ready to go by 1:30am.