20171022 + Hitting His Own Pitch

20171022 + Up in the am and all to church, well almost all, J was moving too slow so we left him at home... After church we headed home, D took off for the day to go to games with DGF7, I hit the desk and was there until time for G's game. J all over town with a buddy. G headed back to his game and L&I joined shortly after. G's team had a rough game, only 8 players to start. Mid game L and Gma&paW headed to J's soccer game. G had a pretty good game and closed it out, but they lost. With a little bit of photo magic you can see G pitching to himself. After the game G&I ran to his basketball practice. I attended the parent meeting and then headed home. L home, J's team lost the soccer game and he was out getting dinner with Gma&paW. L ran to pick up G and we had dinner with Gma&paW.  L gave J&G hair cuts and I headed down to the basement with J to watch The Walking Dead. A couple friends stopped to watch with us and D got home for the show. To bed in good time.