20171007 + Counters and Builders

20171007 + Up in the am, L out shopping, D at an ACT boot camp and JG&I headed into my work with a quick stop at McD’s on the way. We got to work and went through about 60 pieces verifying the SN in the box matched the label on the outside of the box. After that we headed home where I gave J a welding lesson and he made his own handle bars for his scooter. He did a really nice job. Jim from next door came over with his grinder and helped J finish off his project while G&I headed to Home Depot to get supplies for his bday party. After we got our stuff we swung by and picked up Brady and headed home to build our Top Shot backdrop. The boys worried hard on it and we finished up just as Penn showed up with J and Conor from a skatepark in Dublin. He took me back to the school where he demoed his new drone, it was amazing. Home in time for kickoff and we watched the Buckeyes destroy Maryland. Jim and Vicki came over to watch some of the game with us on the back porch and we used halftime to cleanup from all the mornings orojects. L&G ran Brady home and I hung out on the back porch until the game was over then headed into the office to pay bills. Everyone to bed in good time in preperation for a big day tomorrow.