20171029 + Frozen Soccer

20171029 + Up late and L and the boys had a lot of things cleaned up already. I finished up the garage and then hit the office to do a couple of things. D&G headed to D-Bats to hit and I ran to Dave's warehouse to pick up some supplies for D to ship. Home and dropped the stuff off and met L at J's last soccer game of the season, it was FREEZING. J played a lot but they got beat bad (7-1). I stopped to get gas on the way home. Home and we had dinner, I ran to pick up G from his basketball practice and we got him some nuggets on the way home. Home and all boys cleaned up and to the basement to watch 'The Walking Dead' with a couple of friends. All boys to bed, up late formatting Dylan's upcoming Eagle Court of Honor script and sending it out to folks that will be participating.