20171026 + 47

20171026 - UP in the am and worked the am from home. Updated my reports and had my calls, D came home for lunch during a call. I finished up my work for the morning and headed into the garage to work on the big speaker for a bit, arranging the battery replacement and fixing the extender handle. Back in the house to catch up on email and other tasks. G home for a min then back to the school. D home for a minute, got G and they went to hit at D-Bats. J home, L home: man this is a busy place around 3pm... LJ&I headed out to pick up the car, the new illegal tint is on. J&I took the car and swung by the cable company to get a cable box for this weekend. We then dropped off a video on the way to Home Depot where J tested every color of spray paint they had and I gathered other supplies. Home and L cleaning up the backyard, D&J doing homework. I fixed the speaker with the new supplies, L had a fun time with a door to door salesman, G home from baseball practice and we all loaded up and went to El Vaquero for dinner. We had a good meal and good discussions. Home and started setting up the garage, took a break to open presents: D gave me a wallet tool, sort of like the one he got confiscated at the Statue of Liberty and a very nice card, J got me nuttin, G gave me some of his M&M's and a $5 bill he got for his bday. All boys to bed. Up late watching TV, G came down and was sick so ended up on the couch, we watched a video on the new iPhoneX that is coming out at 3am. I set my alarm for 3am and attempted to get an iPhoneX when it went off.