20171017 - Driving Mr. Daisy

20171017 - Up in the am and blew the horn and scared J and his friends while they were waiting for the bus. In to work and right to the keyboard for the morning. Took Justin to lunch, he made me chauffeur him to McD's. Back to the conference room to finish out the day. I took a final call on the road while heading to Pickerington to meet LJ&G to see the new Blade Runner movie. We got a couple of pizzas and settled in to the big leather recliners for what was a beautiful yet LOOOONG not so fast moving movie. 3 some hours later, all exhausted and not that entertained we headed home. D was home so we chatted with him a bit about his day and all to bed. I stayed up late watching Netfix and figuring out a better way to plan repairs.