20171008 - College Baseball, Broken Weld, Last Crush

20171008 - Up way to early and headed to Wright State with D for a Baseball prospect camp. L&G headed to G's double header, J hung out at home, busted his newly welded handlebars, until Gma&paW picked him up to take him to a play in Dayton my cousin Lara was in. D did really well in pretty every much every area and the coach pulled him aside to get his name. D played 2nd, Short and 1st (never played 1st before but did fine). D&I ran to Waffle House for a bite before heading home. D talked a lot, he thought he did well and seems to really like the college. L reported G lost the first game but had a great second game, got a single, store all the way around, even stole home sliding head first to score with his team picking him up in celebration as it was their last game of the season and they won. D&I got home and L&G were there. We hung out and watched TV and got Chinese food. J Gma&paW showed up with doughnuts and we all talked about our days and the cool things we did. L to bed, the boys don't have school tomorrow so D&G headed to the basement to watch the Indians in the playoffs, J&I on our PCs watching Supernatural.