20171011 + Jack's Best Time 11:25

20171011 + Up in the am and had to get gas before heading in. The roads were a mess with traffic this morning so got in a bit late. Spent a full day busy in meetings and making things better. J had his closing ceremonies for CC today and L&G went and participated in the dodge ball game. Headed home and L&G headed to G's parent Teacher conference, J at soccer practice and D&I headed to the new D-Bats baseball training center to finalize D&G's membership and test things out. D helped them test the higher speed cages and was hitting 80mph fastballs :-o  Home and picked up G and took him to D-bats so he could check it out. They used G to align one of the smaller batting cages, and G was hitting 40mph, then 50, then 60 and they thought he would miss the 70mph pitches, but he hit'em :-o Home and everyone back from their activities. L&G gave an update on the conference and he is doing great in school. Up late watching the Indians lose.