20171020 - Markers Maker

20171020 - Up in the am and slow into work, stopped at gas station, messed with car... In to work and got started, gave a tutorial on an app and walked the floor. Back to the desk to get some things done. Finished the day with calls and data scrubbing. Home and D off to do something with DGF7 and LG&I dropped J off at the last home football game and then headed to dinner at the Rusty Bucket. We had a slow but good meal and headed home. L retreated to her her heated bed to watch TV and do some paperwork, D&DGF7 watched baseball on the big screen and picked J up after the game, G was busy making scented markers from a kit he bought with his bday money and bouncing back and forth between the baseball game and the funny 'Sidekick' movie I was watching in the living room. Eventually Netflix took over and kept me company as I scrubbed more data until 3am.