20171015 - G's Top Shot Birthday Party

20171015 - Up in the am and J&I headed out to get the last items needed for G's party. Home and we finalized the set up, putting everything in its place ready for the kids. Soon the backyard was swarming with little boys and we got the Top Shot party started. It started with a Frisbee challenge, then football toss, yard darts and then the backdrop Brady and G made last weekend got a work out. The first event was an Annie Oakley Shoot where the boys had to use a mirror and hit a target with Nerf guns and Velcro darts. They then had to shoot ping pong balls off of a golf tees with squirt guns. Next they got to be creative and build marshmallow shooters out of 1/2 inch PVC pipe to knock the opposing teams cans off the board. This was followed by a plate break with slingshots and balloon pop with darts. We ended the party with cake and G opening his presents, many were gag gifts, poor boy. G headed back to baseball practice while LDJ&I cleaned everything up before the rain came. Surprised and thankful that the 80% chance of rain didn't materialize today.

I went back to get G from his practice and home for only a moment before heading to a basketball tryout. it was a long tryout with a ton of kids. G&I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home and got dinner. Home and we watched the original 'Blade Runner' while we ate, boys didn't like the movie so much.