20130921 + 76 Thanks to John & Mary!!!

20130921 + Up to a raining morning and J&I out for a special treat. First stop was the post office and then 2 different McD's for some bfast. We then made our way to the Ohio State fairgrounds to buy a couple tickets and stand in a huge line to get on a bus. That bus delivered us close to our ultimate destination 'The Shoe', The football stadium at the Ohio State University! Uncle John and Aunt gave us tickets (that Lucia dropped off 20130919) to the game!!! :-)  We went up 472 steps to our seat in C deck and the rain stopped just in time to watch the band come in (one of my favorite moment in time).  J was mesmerized...   The game got off to a fast start and we were well in the lead early on.  We made a trip down to get some snacks and then enjoyed more for the game.  I loved watching J watching everything.  Looking all over the place with his sharp eyes and commenting on the most minute thing going on.  Than halftime and fabulous Script Ohio (one of my other favorite moments) and today there was a special treat.  The Ohio School of the Blind marching band did a Script Ohio in the shape of the braille, scyced with the TBDBITL that the tuba players dotted the 'i' at the same time.  It was super cool.

Halftime festivities over and people leaving by the thousands J&I set out to find some of our friends we knew were at the game.  We first went looking for our friend Bill the police officer at 14b, when we got there he was already gone; he was called out early to direct traffic because of the mass of people leaving early.  J&I leave early?  Not a chance, not during one of these 'several in a lifetime moments' we were experiencing.  On to the next friend and we ran into the tuba players!
We found our friend Roger in section 22a.  There was plenty of room so we hung out in the 23rd row :-)  Close enough?  NO WAY!  I stayed up with our friends and J made his way down to the 3rd row for the 4th quarter and coming back to check in and tell us all the cool things he was seeing and the pictures he was taking.  WOW!
Game over, OSU 76 vs Florida Rattlers 0!

We made our way to the line to get on the bus and it was HUGE, almost reaching to High St from the stadium :-o  Jack decided we should walk back to the car :-o  so we cut over to the oval and then up past the Student Union and onto High St.  We walked a bit and then ducked in to a sub shop and got some grub.  We ate facing the street watching the people going by.  Back out on the road and we decided to see how the bus line was.  It was a lot shorter so I was spared the several mile hike.

Back to the car and J&I headed home.  Home and we hung out for a bit and then went to Home Depot for some supplies.  We then met up with the Mallonns for a nice ice cream treat to celebrate Connor's bday!  What a fun full day!!!