20130901 - Swap It

20120901 - Up in the am to boys out of control...  L went to get groceries, the boys worked on my bike and I got a bit of the desk cleaned off.  L home and we had a family meeting with the boys. Trying to figure out why they are dirt mean to each other and how we are going to fix it (I voted for severe beatings ;-)  The bike repair failed, these tires just don't hold air :-(  loaded everyone up and we headed to Johnstown for the annual Swappers Day. Gma&paW met us there and we walked around amongst hordes of armed citizens. I mean guns everywhere!  There is a bit of everything here. Always amazing!  Drove home and Gma&paW followed so they could see G ride his bike.  We had a nice Chinese dinner and Doc joined us.  We sat on the back porch and watched the boys shoot each other.  Gma&paW left, boys ready for bed, we watched a movie. I stayed up late updating blog entries for July & August 2012.