20130911 - Supposed to be Bad?

20130911 - Up and out to work. Not a lot good going on anywhere for me at the moment...  Meetings and calls, and meetings about meeting and calls...  With everything here and at home in complete chaos it would be nice to know if this is what is supposed to be happening...  Answer provided, feather...  Now what exactly am I suppose to do?  Back in for a couple more meeting, 2 good, 1 not so good...

Back outside to take another call...  can this all possibly be right, the right direction???  Feather 2...  SERIOUSLY... 2 IN A ROW!?!?!?!...  Back in to finish the day and then headed home.  Lightening and rain = no baseball game.  I hung out on the back porch and shined my black shoes listening to the rain.  LDG and 1 other boy came home from the ball fields.  L told me J got kicked in the face back at the playground today and came home covered in blood...  L went to pick up J, D&G playing on the x-box while I ironed some shirts.  Up and hung out with the boys.  I showed them pics of GpaW&I on top of the World Trade Center and the monument pools...  All boys to bed.  Up late renaming pictures.

Now what do all these feathers mean...???