20130914 - Base & Foot Ball

20130914 - Up in the am and GmaB Sam Lena LDJG&I to D's baseball game. I coached 1st base and it was quite an interesting game.  In the second inning the assistant couch for the other team got thrown out of the game for not keeping his mouth shut...  A few innings later our coach got in a fight with his dad who was keeping score and threw his own dad out of the game :-o  Then later in the last inning a kid from the other team violently threw his bat and was thrown out of the game.  This meant they instantly forfeited the game because they only had 8 player and with his ejection they had only 7, so no longer a legal game...  very odd game indeed, but they won!

Home played football w/boys. D&I took G to bday party huge house. Home fixed climbing wall watched some football and posted eBay. DJ&I to pick G stayed for wiffle ball game. Picked up wings on way home. Ate and watched OSU football. Up late bidding on stuff and texting Obie while he was on live TV :-).