20130909 - Bad Day

20130909 - Up in the am and into work and cleaning tasks out like crazy, nervous day at work, the big reveal at 5pm staff meeting where it was presented that we (I) did not win the big RFQ we were working on :-(
Drove straight to the ball-field to watch D play, he had a great game, we beat the kids with the travel team on it! The adults from the other team were ridiculous... Home and then ran out to drop off awards at Scouts. L had her first day of school today, but I didn't get to talk to her about any of it because i was involved with the game and then more activities later...  Back home and got Doc for Bible Bangers. We had a good meeting and talked about how to manage these kids we have that are turning into teenagers... Home, L dead asleep, so I was up late on PC.