20130910 - Another Historic Day

201309010 - Up and into work.  Full day of getting more things done, planning on how to break the RFQ news to the employees in the building...  Called uncle Russ for his Bday and left a very LOUD slooow message for him :-)  Called my buddy Scott for his Bday, texted Joe and Mary for their 19th anniversary and received word from my buddy Arno in Holland that his second son Lars was born today!
2013 - B-day - Lars van den Hoogen 
1994 - Anniversary - Joe & Mary Dixon
1962 - B-day - Scott Wallace
1940 - B-day - Russ Halstead

On the way home I stopped to pick up some things I won from an online auction and then home through the construction.  I have had an ongoing email 'discussion' with our school's superintendent about how illogically crazy it is that they changed the bus routes to pick D up at this corner.  Yes right where the street is dug up and the backhoe is...  Does anyone use a brain anymore...  I think bicycle helmets should be banded...  Home, L had her first day of being the lead teacher, Tuesdays & Thursday's this year.  It must not have gone well or something else happened because the house was silent as I entered , no one even saying hi...  We ate dinner, D acting very odd, not eating...  Tried to go outside and throw the football, ended in all 3 boys screaming at each other.  In to change and head to a scouts board of review.  Home and the boys were whisked off to bed, I fell asleep on the chair.  Then wide awake, up late on the PC...