20130919 - Early & Scout Out

20130919 - Up and into the office early today.  Walked the floor and then had meetings all day.  Did get a call from D's principle letting me know all eyes are on D at school to try and help figure out what the sudden change is.  I also took a break to have lunch with Dave P.  Got the new iOS 7 installed on the iPhone, not sure I like it...  On the way to the car, n the middle of the parking lot...  a feather...
Home, checked in with DOC on the cars and then in and had dinner with the fam.  Hung out for a bit and then ready for a the first Pack meeting of the year!

Do you see what is missing?  J&G are NOT in this picture...  G quickly decided that he did not want to participate in Cub Scouts.  J after a HUGE screaming fit about getting dressed for the meeting and restating he didn't want to go, forfeited his scarf and his membership as a Webelos Scout.  I went to the meeting, told the 2 leaders that neither of the two little Winger boys would be participating in Scouts...  I then told the adults in what use to be my Den that I would be stepping down, and the planning meeting we had already scheduled for this Sunday to get their help (because I was already overwhelmed with volunteer positions) would be a transition meeting and I would be out as well.  I was very sad at the meeting; Scouts for the last several years is the only thing J&I did regularly together...  :-(

Home and cousin Lucia stopped over for a nice visit.

I don't get all the feathers recently...  How can all these bad things happening be the right path...???