20130907 - 4 Script Os

20130907 - Up in the am and down to D's baseball game.  It was a good game but D was making too many errors.  Gma&paW arrived for the game, they were to take all of the boys up to the Farm and to a play tonight, but D blew that with his horrible behavior...  and he blew a nice break for L&I...  L&I left the game before it was over to head to the OSU Football game.  She mentioned on the way there she told D he could watch the game.  Well being grounded from all electronics I had unplugged the TVs at the cable box and the internet, no electronics means no electronics...   I had a big list of things for D to have done before we got home and had asked a friend to stop over to check in him and and talk with him while we were at the game.

At the game, and the atmosphere is historical and the traditions are awesome.

Watching the band come in and today another 700 alumni band members meant the band was HUGE.

  It also meant a special treat, 4 script Ohios

After the game we survived the 3 mile line to get to the bus and then to the car.  We had to stop at a CVS on the way to dinner to get a screw for my glasses which fell out during the game, meaning I had to wear my spring clip on sunglasses at night to hold my glasses together.  We went to dinner but L was too busy being worried about D at home alone for it to be enjoyable...  I dropped L off at home and went to my friends to see what he got out of D.  The bottom line is D wants our attention, and if being bad gets that attention, then that is what he is going to do...  Great....  Back home, L already dead asleep, I stayed up late watching more football with D.