20130905 - Long Game

20130905 - Up in the morning and in to work.  Another day of meetings and calls.  Left a couple minutes early to get home, change and go with the fam to G's baseball game.  It was a VERY LOOOONG GAME....  The boys did good, way too many errors.  G was all attitude, it needed adjusted...  He got a couple nice hits and struck out once.  Each of the boys got a hit!  I like that :-)  The boys won 17-9 and were all tired and ready to get out of there.  As I was cleaning up the field I went to get a big rock to cover the base peg hole so it is easy to find for the next game, I reached down and there it was, all by itself...  a feather...  Home and finally got some dinner.  Homework checked and boys off to bed.  Up late cleaning up past pic and video files.