20130928 - Make it fit

20130928 - Up in the am and to the baseball fields.  D had a tournament game and he played very well.  he had several plays that looked like a prop baseball player, very fluid and perfect, maybe 3rd base is his spot...  It was a rough game as errors crept in (none for D), and the boys lost their first game of the Fall tournament.  Home and I started working on the card catalogs L had painted, trying to get them to fit in our room :-s  It wasn't easy and I had to skip the beginning of G's baseball practice, but I got them in there with a bit of sawing and a BIG hammer...  They look really nice.

On to G's practice and had fun with the boys, D was catching, J was gone with a friend and ended up staying the night.  After practice DG&I ran to the store to get a present for a birthday party we rushed to that really wasn't until tomorrow :-(  We stopped and got wings on the way home, running into my buddy Ed at the restaurant.  Home for a wing feast and then settled in to watch the OSU game and post things on ebay.  Lilly used G for a pillow and I ended up watching the game with a sleeping family.  Everyone to bed and I stayed up watching more football and posting more things.