20130902 + Family Ride

20130902 + Up in the am playing referee again...  Separated the boys, got a couple things done at the desk and then grabbed G for some errands. Our first stop was to get me a bike so we could all ride together.  We went to Sports Authority and found a $300 bike on sale for $179 and I had a 25% off coupon.  So we got the bike for $144!  G tried out putters while they did final set up on the bike and then we loaded it up and headed out. G busy talking about where we were going to ride, BIG PLANS!  On to Meijer where we picked up supplies for L to make jam from the grapes on our vines (would have been cheaper to buy grape  jelly :-)  Then G&I stopped at Wendy's for lunch an he ate 2 chicken sandwiches :-o  Home and got the new bike unloaded. Then back to the playground with DJ&G all on our bikes. We rode around an around and I showed D how to ride down steps.  We dug through the trash to find some treasures and then back home. I worked on the old dryer for about an hour, found the problem and now L has 2 functioning dryers :-)  we had a nice dinner on the back porch, the boys played airsoft in the backyard and then we all rode to Rita's for G's ice cream reward for learning to ride his bike. My buddy Fave stopped by while at Rita's to chat for a bit. Home and all boys cleaned up and off to bed.