100925 + Games Caches & Knights

100925 + Up and out to D's baseball game with G. D was up twice and got two hits: a single & a double! L&J to J's soccer game. J is playing more offense and likes it, but no goal today. All home for lunch, then back out... JG&I headed to the office supply store and then went hunting for and found the next 2 geocaches closest to our house.

L&D got groceries. We all met back home again to watch to OSU game and eat snacks.
After the game DJ&I headed to our Raising a Modern Day Knight, Back to School dinner; there were 15 of us! We ordered the pizzas and then D gave his presentation on Knighthood, he's did very well.

The pizzas came and as we ate the Dads told stories of when we were kids in school and our memories and fears. I then gave a short presentation on how all the boys there were Pages and what we expected of them. I presented each boy with a composition notebook and related the pages in the books to the events/pages of their lives. I had a special present for J, I got him a leather composition notebook cover with his name pressed into it. It is really nice and will last him a lifetime. At this time the keynote speaker showed up, Doc.

Doc came in and talked to the boys about his life growing up and how the boys should act to become successful men. The all absorbed everything he had to say. It was a very successful event! Home and all boys to bed.