100918 - Soccer Football & Oz

100918 - Up and ready, today is Lilly's 2nd bday! The house is loud and tired today... All loaded up and out to the soccer field. J had a GREAT game and got the first goal for his team, he even used his head for block! Home and Jim over to help me fix the grill. We cut out a steel plate and 'modified' it so it fit, put in new lava rocks and I was cooking brats for lunch in no time. The loudness continued at we watched the OSU game, not much of a game... Everyone back in the car and up to the Farm. GmaW got tickets for the crew to see a play put on by local kids on the 'Wizard of Oz'.

They headed out to the play and GpaW headed to a Class Party. I stayed at the Farm, got some reading done and rested. The play goers got home first and told me all about the play. Then off to bed for all of them. GpaW home next and we had a nice chat.

Location:Fleming Falls Rd,Mansfield,United States