100903 + Loud

100903 + Up and saw the boys off to school. I had scheduled a bunch of time today for catchup and worked my butt off listening to loud music. Right after work DG&I headed over to the Grossl's to go to the Clippers game. Jeff had won a suite in a raffle and it was pretty cool. The boys had a BLAST!
Home and J told us of his adventures with his buddy Donovan that came over for a play date.

100902 - Fast and furious day...  I worked like crazy,  took one break to spray paint home bases back at ball fields with D.  Out of the office and ate really fast then straight out to the ball field.  D got 2 hits.  I watched J&G and they did pretty good.  After the game I had a 'discussion' with the coach about D's hitting and playing eery other inning...  >:-|     We regrouped and headed home only to rush to apple store and then best buy.  Back home watched the 2nd qtr of the osu game with boys.  L home from parent orientation night, boys to bed.  L& I Watched rest of the game.