100916 + Graves

100916 + Up too early and down for meetings. It was a good session and I set up some appointments. We had lunch provided and I sat by my new Ohio buddy Brad. After lunch there was one more session then of to the airport. One thing I wanted to see while here was the above ground grave yards. The best the guys did for me was point one out on the way to the airport :-( But at least I saw one! Flights were good on the way home, despite the tornado warnings L& the boys had, and there was a spectacular lightening show visible from my seat in the plane as we flew in. Made it home, kissed all the boys goodnight and off to bed

100915 - Up early and a FULL day of meetings. I got to talk to my buddy Andre today as this was his last official day with the company. Huge projects and trips to strange places won't be the same without him :-( After the meetings we headed back out to Bourbon St for dinner. I had an awesome dinner at the Gumbo Shop: chicken gumbo, crawfish étouffée, creole chicken and jambalaya. All topped off with bread pudding and praline ice cream. Met up with about dozen proletariat from the conference and listened tonsils bands. Back to the hotel and of to sleep fast.