100914 - Gator On my plate!

100914 - Up in the am and saw D&J off to school. In to the office and finishing stuff up. L home from work with a fever to watch G that is home from school with the runs... They did muster the strength to run me to the airport and off I fly to New Orleans. The flights were fine and I met up with all my coworkers at the shuttle.
We got to the hotel and I took a little walk to find the geocache at the fountain right behind the hotel and sat on a bench on this beautiful day listening to the running water in the middle if the city.

I then met up with some of the team and we did some prep work for the conference. Then we headed to Bourbon St to have dinner. We found a place and I had French Quarter soup and a big old gator sandwich. Some walking around and we found a voodoo shop and another geocache.

We got sone dolls and gator heads and headed back with the moon over Bourbon St.

We got back to the hotel and I checked out the fountain all lit up.

Upstairs and off to bed.

100913 - Up but exhausted. Working and got derailed a bit with a couple required tasks for the bank. The rest of the work day went by Fast. Grant had an 'accident' at the sitters today and was laying on the couch all afternoon. L went to a Dr. to prep for J and testing IQ etc that he will go to soon. GmaW was in town and came to see D's baseball game. He struck out and got walked. It was their first loss of the season. A loud stop at Wendy's and then home to get baths, have J read us a book and off to bed. I got Doc and we went to see the Bible Bangers. Home and up late working.