100910 - iPhone 4 :-D

100910 - Up and at the desk. L @ work, D&J@ school, G@ the sitters.  Almost too quiet around here...  took a break to run to the accountant and pick up some tax stuff.  Finished off my day and then L headed out with her friends for dinner. I grabbed all 3 of the boys and we headed out.  Our first stop was the Apple Store @ Easton where we traded in D's iPod Touch because the day I bought his for his birthday they announced the next generation of iPods for release :-(  So we got D all fixed up with a new iPod with a camera and better screen.  And there is was...  Just sitting there staring at me... begging me to pick it up and take it home...  So I DID!!!
WOW what a device!  It is really cool!!!  We then went to Steak and Shake and had a good dinner with lots of cheese on everything.  Then home to get cleaned up and watched some TV in the playroom and played with stuff.  I then Got D's iPod Touch all loaded up and connected.  All boys to bed and now to play with my new phone.  I transfered everything over to the new phone and got it all set up, it is so cool!  Lori got home and told me about her night.  I got her old Motorola Razor and swapped its SIM card for my iPhone 3GS and powered it up.  We headed down to the basement and I loaded the 3GS up, put the pretty orange and pink cover on it, set it on her lap and sent her a test 'how do you like you new phone?'.  Her I lit up and she said 'YOU BOUGHT ME AN IPHONE?!?!?!!!!'   I had to be honest and said 'No, I GOT MYSELF A NEW ONE!!!!'  :-P   She was plenty happy with the hand me down :-)