100906 - Backyard Woods

100906 - Up and J&I out on some errands. We got home just as the Woods family pulled up. Mike, D&I headed over to Doc's to get his big mower running then back across the street for some good grub fixins and then outside for the rest of the day. All the kids played and played and has a good time. Doc stopped over with some ribs and shot the breeze with us. I helped Mike and Amy get their new Google Apps account up and on their devices. We then played and ate some more.

Our friends left, we got the trash out to the curb, put in a new shower rod, got the boys cleaned up and off to bed. L is ironing and I am getting ready to pick up Doc and head to the Bible Banger meeting. I have to be home early because I get to go with G tomorrow for his first day of school :-)