100904 - Practices

100904 - Up and back to the school for D's 9am baseball practice. Then home and D practiced climbing out his window fire escape and them out back to take over mowing from L. Then J&D practiced their fire escape and did it all by themselves for the first time ever!

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We had lunch and then J&G got some rest while D&I headed out on errands. We got my bike tire fixed, a bunch of burning bushes and I was able to teach D about the essential food groups at the grocery (chips, bacon, beer and Hostess cupcakes). D&I got home as J&G were getting up so we had some help planting our 18 bushes. Everyone pitched in, even a couple neighbor kids, and we were done lickity split.

As soon as we were done planting L got
Us cleaned up and it was off to an evening at the Curran's for food and fun.

Home and got some tired boys in bed.