100924 - Jog for Jefferson

100924 - Up and to an early breakfast with Tom.  I guess I got a promotion today :-)  The boys had their annual Jog for Jefferson today and did miles of laps with their friends.

100923 - Up meetings and training all day.  Got a call from an upset fellow worker tonight and now I'm nervous as he'll about tomorrow.   Dinner with bob and Josh.  Up late working.

100922 - Up to the office for a training day.  Had an ice cream break.  Then a team evening with some golf, geocaching, dinner and collapse in the hotel.

100921 - UP, saw boys off to school, reading, Took G to school.  to the desk, stressed about trip...  Flight was good, got to hotel ok.  Nice dinner w/ boss

100920 - Work, Walk, Work, Eat.
Baseball practice for D, I took J&G, played catch and feed the ducks.  Home, showers, read book.  Bible Bangers and up working late.