100912 - Magic Jack!

100912 - Everyone up and to church. I went to a new class today and Dan, one of the Bible Bangers, was in there too; we made it fun :-)
After church we got home and had a bite to eat. Then D practiced hitting and his buddy Seth came over. All the boys played in the backyard until it was time to head back to church and set up for the festival they were having.
We got things set up and loads of kids showed up to play the games and jump in the big bouncy thing. Then we headed into the church for show put on by Curt Anderson a nationally known Christian Illusionist. During the show Jack was picked to help :-o he went right up and participated, here is a clip...

The entire show was great! We then headed outside for dinner. After eating we dropped Seth off and made our way home. D&I worked on a speech he has to give tomorrow about why he would make a good Student Council member and J&G got baths. Then upstairs to put together a race track and take a few laps before bed.